The leading travel company in Latin America, with a presence in Argentina and 19 other countries.

He approached Schmitman HR in 2017 with the need to onboard 40 people between May and December. At that time our team consisted of four people: 1 Lead Recruiter + 3 Tech Recruiters. Taking a client the size of was really something that caused us anxiety: it was a super important challenge. We knew that we were going to have to respond to a demand that greatly exceeded us in terms of the volume of work we were involved in at the time. How could we work with such an important client without neglecting the rest of the companies that already trusted us and without dying of stress in the attempt?

Despegar’s need was to incorporate six different profiles, 40 vacancies, all in technology. We started with a contract that consisted of supporting the HR area and the range of services that we provide to the company was expanded, which we were very excited about then and we are proud of every day: Provide the service of helping in the reengineering of everything the selection process, support to the company in the construction of the employer brand and the search and selection of the people that needed to be added in technology.

The dynamics that we established with the client was a very close work between both parties. To work on the new design of the Recruitment process, we worked with the Tech Talent area of ​​the company, reviewing the stages, suggesting training for leaders and recruiters on how to conduct telephone and face-to-face interviews, give feedback and write reports.

In addition, knowledge of general metrics of Time to fill, conversion, effectiveness by recruiter, evaluation of application sources, cold call returns, and hiring quality, among others, was deepened.

To meet the specific recruitment demand we began to meet weekly.

The project involved assembling a team of 16 people, made up of Mara Schmitman (CEO of the company), a recruiter lead, a Talent Brand Manager and 13 IT recruiters. Meetings were held with different team leaders to understand what they needed and to soak up the culture of the company.

To reinforce the employer brand, a specific campaign was designed with the slogan “You were born to Take Off”. At that time, the client did not have a healthy employer brand, we were able to identify the weakest points and be able to position the brand before the company’s IPO came to market.

Taking off had a very important challenge ahead of him and he had to act fast and solidly. Therefore, one of the first decisions taken was to create a campaign that associates Despegar with the values ​​of Schmitman HR to generate more trust in the brand. The campaign had an impact on more than 50,000 people in the technology area throughout the Argentine territory and allowed us to make the “noise” necessary to be able to collect data and metrics on the arrival of the brand.


Workast es una compañía de software que desarrolla herramientas de gestión de proyectos.

Se acercó a nosotros en 2018, antes de cumplir el primer año de vida como empresa, y desde entonces confían en nuestro trabajo. Comenzamos a trabajar con la idea de sumar dos perfiles: un desarrollador front end y otro back end y ya llevamos más de 8 incorporaciones a la compañía.

Con Workast trabajamos de forma 100% remota y utilizamos herramientas de gestión que nos permitieron ordenar las tareas, super alineados y con una comunicación constante. Hoy alrededor del 50% del plantel de la compañía ingresó a través de Schmitman HR, y otros candidatos se encuentran atravesando el proceso de selección.

¿Qué herramientas utilizamos en este proyecto? Varias: Trello, Spreadsheets Explorer, Mailchimp, Gmass.

De nuestro trabajo con Workast aprendimos a valorar la importancia de la comunicación en todos los procesos, especialmente cuando se trabaja de forma remota. Trabajar con equipos descentralizados, con diferentes horarios, fue un aprendizaje muy valioso para Schmitman HR.


Premium software engineering consultancy that connects innovative companies with developers, engineers, and security experts

With dozens of already established and rapidly growing employees, Genium approached Schmitman HR in May 2018 with the need to bring in additional employee profiles who managed Python and Django and were full developers.

After evaluating our client’s needs, we determined that an RPO was the most suitable option for this project. As they expanded their office in Argentina, we provided consulting, suggested metrics, and gave them concrete guidelines to strengthen their employer’s brand. In addition, we advise them to collaborate with their objective of winning specific projects and to collaborate in the definition of their work dynamics.

Currently, through Schmitman HR, Genium’s Argentina office has acquired several highly-skilled employees who continue to provide outstanding work.

This project taught us many lessons related to building a relationship with our client. Aligning with values, being clear and honest in communication, and being able to adapt to the needs of clients have proven to be fundamental aspects to carry out a successful RPO.


Arcor logo

Arcor is a leading Argentine multinational group in the development of 3 business divisions: Food for mass consumption (sweets, chocolates, ice cream, cookies and food), Agribusiness and Packaging.

It is the main food company in Argentina, the world’s leading producer of hard candies and the main exporter of sweets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru and through Bagley Latin America SA, the company formed with the Danone Group for the biscuit businesses, alfajores and cereals in Latin America, is one of the leading companies in the region. Through sustainable management, it develops leading brands that reach people in more than 120 countries, with commercial offices in America, Europe and Asia and more than 40 plants in Latin America. The fact that Arcor trusted our work to select talent excited and excited us in equal measure.

Arcor’s demand was specific: it needed a partner for its Bolivian subsidiary to accompany the development of the business’s recruitment processes with sufficient knowledge of the characteristics and realities of the Bolivian labor market.

Thus, our project with Arcor began with the incorporation of a person in Bolivia, and was carried out with the joint work of company teams in Bolivia and Argentina. We were originally going to work on a two-month RPO, but the work continues to this day. The success of the case lies in the consolidation of competitive lists based on the profiles requested by Arcor and in the coverage, in record time, of relevant vacancies for the Subsidiary through Schmitman HR.

This work taught us to move into a new labor market, which until then we did not know: that of Bolivia. In addition, he showed us the importance of learning from a different idiosyncrasy to recruit Human Resources.