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About Us.

We are a company that provides Human Resources services since 2008. We are interested in doing synergy in innovative projects that transform the lives of people and the companies that they integrate. We work in a personalized way with each of our clients and candidates to identify the needs of both parties, and we design effective strategies to meet them. We know the entire labor market and can recruit talent for all industries, but we move like fish in water in technology.

Our Story

Mara Schmitman starts working as an independent recruiter.
Formation of the first Schmitman HR team.
We settled in the co-working space Area 3.
We moved to our own offices in Av. Libertador.
We organize the first Recruitment Meetup LATAM!
Xeminio is born, our learning community to share everything we know about IT Recruitment.
We expanded our team and moved to the offices of Núñez.
We make our first team trip to Chaco and provide a workshop at the UTN.
Team trip to the HIREConf in NY!
Trips to Chaco for Trainings
Team trip to El Bolsón
Mara Schmitman: CEO

Mara Schmitman


I have been an IT Recruiter for +10 years, finding the ideal job for the ideal candidate is an art that contribute to a better life. For the past 5 years I’ve been training, and managing recruitment teams..but I could never stop recruiting. I’m passionate about my job, I love what I do.

Elias Bayon: Business Office Manager

Elias Bayon

Business Office Manager

Student, few-notes musician, curious and changeful. Great dancer of diverse rhythms. Son and brother. River Plate fan Bachelors of Business, University of Business and Social Sciences

Facundo Reynoso: Lead Technical Recruiter

Facundo Reynoso

Lead Technical Recruiter

Bass player. Freedom guardian. Nomad. Bachelor in Labor Relations, University of Buenos Aires

Facundo Sepulveda: Technical Recruiter

Facundo Sepúlveda

Technical Recruiter

I’m the official Schmitman Hr’s chef. Food Lover. Problem solver. Human Resources Management, El Salvador University

Laura Schmitman: Technical Recruiter

Laura Schmitman

Technical Recruiter

The Lawyer of the team. In charge of the Chaco office. Love to talk. Law graduate, Argentinean Northeastern National University



Office Dog

I'm the one in charge of bringing joy to the office! Wof! Wof! Woooof!

Heidy Bermudez: Technical Recruiter

Heidy Bermudez

Technical Recruiter

Bachelor of Psychology - As IT Recruiter, I provide our clients the best resource in a short time. I accompany people in the process of a change or to find the right position for them. I considere myself very passionate about technology because is our present and the future and it is very excited and pleasant for me to be close to the people who are making the biggest changes in the whole world.


Recruitment and hunting

We search and select talent for companies in all industries. We have the know-how and experience necessary to work alongside national and international technology companies.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Companies that choose us prefer to continue doing what they know best and leave us with the recruitment processes. We become the recruitment division of our clients, providing them with a global service. If you want to know how we do it, check out what we did with Arcor and Genium.

HR consulting.

We analyze and diagnose the work of Human Resources areas in companies dedicated to various activities. We propose alternatives and solutions that our clients' in-house team can carry.

Talent branding

We help our clients strengthen their employer brand based on the analysis of their talent branding, accompanying them with guidelines that allow them to attract and retain their talent.


We provide training in all the services we provide. Check online and face-to-face offerings here

Game Recruitment

Recruiting for the video game industry is an entirely different arena than the rest. In the last years, we were building a database of experts in this discipline. We cover positions that include art, animation, design, production, programming, and commercials.

Our Philosophy.

Work with Schmitman

Work is a fundamental dimension in people’s lives, so we understand our job’s responsibility. That is why we pay special attention to doing our work with respect, equality, and professionalism. We are interested in being part of our clients’ growth, and we are excited to participate in the professional development of talent.

Work at Schmitman

We are a team of professionals from different areas that work in a horizontal organization. The dynamics of our company allow team members to have a say in the company’s decisions and a flexible work routine, which allows a healthy balance between work and personal life. You can read here how life is in our company. 

Our Values

Make a difference.

We are not interested in perpetuating traditions; we are interested in being effective in our work. Therefore, we adjust the strategies of our work according to the needs of our clients and candidates. Flexibility and innovation define us and help us make a difference.


We are interested in working with people who care about others’ lives: it is valid for our team and our clients. Empathy and respect are among the values ​​that we seek to preserve in all the labor ties we establish in Schmitman HR.

Share knowledge.

In Schmitman HR, we are interested in sharing everything we learned since we started working. That’s why we created Xeminio, the learning community where you can train as an IT recruiter.


Group needs prevail over individual needs.

We seek to define collective goals and think together strategies. We are interested in maintaining healthy, transparent team dynamics that generate a framework for the professional and personal development of all of us who do Schmitman HR.

Yes to puppies.

We are a pet-friendly office, that’s why Greta is part of our staff and honor us with their daily presence.

Work Stories.

Despegar is the leading travel company in Latin America, with a presence in Argentina and 19 other countries.

They approached Schmitman HR in 2017 with the need to incorporate 40 people between May and December. At that time our team was made up of four people: 1 Lead Recruiter + 3 Tech Recruiters. Taking a customer the size of Despegar.com was really something that generated anxiety: it was a super important challenge. We knew that we were going to have to respond to a demand that far exceeded us regarding the volume of work in which we were involved at that time. How were we going to work with such an important client without neglecting the rest of the companies that already trusted us and without dying of stress in the attempt?

The ask of Despegar was to fill six different profiles, 40 vacancies, all in technology. We started with a contract that consisted of supporting the HR area and we expanded the range of services we provide to the company, which was an exciting challenge and makes us proud to this day.

We started with a contract that offered a reengineering of the entire selection process, supporting the company in the construction of the employer brand and searching and selecting the appropriate people to add specific technical knowledge.

The dynamics we established with the client was a very close working relationship between both parties. To work on the design of the new Recruitment process, we worked with the Tech Talent area of ​​the company, reviewing the stages, suggesting training to leaders and recruiters on how to do telephone, face-to-face interviews, feedback and write reports. In addition, knowledge of general metrics of Time to fill, conversion, effectiveness by recruiter, evaluation of application sources, cold call returns, and quality of hiring, among others, were deepened.

To meet the specific demand for recruitment we begin to meet weekly. The project involved joining a team of 16 people, integrated by Mara Schmitman (CEO of the company) a recruiter lead, a Talent Brand Manager and 13 IT recruiters. The meetings were held with different team leaders to understand what they needed and soak up the company's culture.

To reinforce the employer brand, a specific campaign was designed with the slogan “You were born to Take off (Despegar)”. At that time, the client did not have a healthy employer brand, we were able to identify the weakest points and be able to position the brand before the company's IPO was released to the market. Despegar had a very important challenge ahead and it was necessary to act quickly and solidly. Therefore, one of the first decisions taken was to create a campaign that manages to associate Despegar with the values ​​of Schmitman HR to generate more confidence in the brand. The campaign had an impact on more than 50,000 people in the technology area throughout Argentina and allowed us to make the "noise" necessary to be able to relieve data and metrics of the arrival of the brand.

During the meetings, market metrics were also delivered that gave an account of how it had been segmented, what actions were carried out and what was the impact of each step we were taking.

The segmentation of the candidates and the development and deepening of the Employer brand of Despegar resulted in more effective work on the needs of each applicant. In addition, a manual was developed so that each of the candidates thoroughly knew the selection and onboarding process as soon as each of these processes began.

Our work together with Despegar showed us the value of the employer brand during the search and selection processes, and the importance of being able to obtain and analyze metrics to identify the most effective strategies to reach candidates. In addition, this project made it clear that working closely with the client and having a fluid communication radically affects the results that can be obtained.
Workast is a software company that develops project management tools. They approached us in 2018, before reaching the first year of life as a company, and since then they trust in our work.

We started working with the idea of ​​adding two profiles: a front end developer and another back end and we have already had more than 8 additions to the company.

With Workast we work 100% remotely and use management tools that allowed us to sort the tasks, super-aligned and with constant communication. Today about 50% of the company's staff entered through Schmitman HR, and other candidates are going through the selection process.

What tools do we use in this project? Several: Trello, Spreadsheets Explorer, Mailchimp, Gmass.

From our work with Workast we learned to value the importance of communication in all processes, especially when working remotely. Working with decentralized teams, with different schedules, was a very valuable learning for Schmitman HR.
Genium is a premium software engineering and agile consulting firm that connects innovative companies with world-class developers, engineers and security experts.

With dozens of employees already in place and rapidly growing, Genium approached Schmitman HR in May 2018 with the need to incorporate additional employee profiles who managed Python and Django and were full-stack developers.

After assessing the needs of our customer, we determined that an RPO was the most appropriate option for this project. While they were expanding their office in Argentina, we provided consulting, suggested metrics and gave them concrete guidelines to strengthen their employer brand. In addition, we advised them to collaborate towards their goal of winning specific projects and collaborate in defining their work dynamics.

Currently, through Schmitman HR, Genium’s Argentina office has acquired several top-qualified staff who continue to provide outstanding work.

This project taught us many lessons related to building a relationship with our client. Aligning ourselves in values, being clear and honest in communication and being able to adapt to the needs of customers have proven to be fundamental aspects to carry out a successful RPO.

Arcor is a leading Argentine multinational group in the development of 3 business divisions: food for mass consumption (sweets, chocolates, ice cream, cookies and food), Agribusiness and Packaging.

It is the main food company in Argentina, the world's leading producer of hard candies and the main exporter of sweets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru and through Bagley Latin America SA, the company formed with the Danone Group for cookie businesses, Alfajores and cereals in Latin America, is one of the leading companies in the region. Through sustainable management, it develops leading brands that reach people from more than 120 countries, with commercial offices in America, Europe and Asia and more than 40 plants in Latin America. The fact that Arcor relied on our work to select talent made us extremely proud.

Arcor's demand was specific: they needed a partner for their Bolivian Subsidiary to accompany the development of business recruitment processes with sufficient knowledge of the characteristics and realities of the Bolivian labor market.

Thus, our project with Arcor began with the incorporation of a person in Bolivia, and was carried out with the joint work of the company's teams in Bolivia and Argentina. In principle, we were going to work in a two-month RPO, but the work continues until today. The success of the case lies in the consolidation of competitive lists based on the profiles requested by Arcor and the coverage, in record time, of relevant vacancies for the Subsidiary through Schmitman HR.

This work taught us to move into a new labor market, which until then we did not know: that of Bolivia. In addition, it showed us the importance of learning the distinct idiosyncrasies of recruiting for Human Resources.

Latest Job Postings.

HR Manager


Recursos Humanos y Capacitación/Recursos Humanos

Capital Federal, Capital Federal, Argentina

AWS Developer


Tecnología, Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones/Tecnologia / Sistemas
Capital Federal, Capital Federal, Argentina

Magento Developer


Tecnología, Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones/Programación
Pilar Centro, Buenos Aires, Argentina


No one understands the IT market better than Schmitman HR. They have been a key partner in our recruiting efforts for the last six months, providing not only a steady and qualified candidate pool, but also advising us on matters such as process improvement and employer branding.

Giuliana De Luca

Head of Talent & HR @ Decentraland

In The Press.

Some of the media are interested in the way we work and consult us on issues related to the world of Human Resources.

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Xeminio is the education division of Schmitman HR. As a learning community, we seek to share the knowledge and experiences produced for more than ten years working on one of the biggest challenges that the labor market has today: recruiting technological talent.


In an industry that continues to grow internationally, tech companies need to incorporate specialists with new skills, tools and abilities. Finding and recruiting that talent is not a simple task, but it is hilarious. In Xeminio, you have the opportunity to learn how to carry it out with the Schmitman HR team.


Recruitment for beginners

Tech Recruitment for Beginners.

This course is aimed at those who want to start working as Tech Recruiters and learn the fundamental knowledge needed to conduct searches in the Tech market. It is for people who have little or no experience, both for freelancers and for those who work in company.

When is it?

Next date and time to be defined.

What will be covered?

In this course you will learn the essentials of working Tech recruiter: technology profiles, software life cycle, market trends, glossary of Human Resources and technology for recruiters. In addition, we will talk about optimal time management (for freelancers and in-house recruiters), database organization, effectiveness metrics. The general idea of the course is that the assistant can leave with the necessary tools to work as a freelancer or as an in-house recruiter in a company.

What is included?

It includes digital material and printed and digitized certificates are delivered.

How much does it cost?

It costs $ $4000 and can be paid in installments with Mercado Pago. By paying, you are reserving your place in the course.





Recruitment Certificate

Tech Recruitment II.

This course is for people who already have a knowledge base and worked at least one year as Tech Recruiters. Oriented to people with a minimum of 1 year of experience as Tech Recruiters

When is it?

Next date and time to be defined.

What will be covered?

The course is divided into two parts: One day of theory and another day of practice (workshop). In theory, topics that improve day-to-day work are reinforced and updated. The workshop works on a specific search for each student, ensuring the resolution of any type of problem that may be encountered. In addition, we work on database improvement and optimization. The program has three pillars: sourcing, metrics and interviews.

Sourcing: search strategy, preparation and effective profiling of profiles. Mapping, online applications, booleans, pipeline optimization and databases. Segmentation, mailing, free and paid tools. Profile and market update.

Metrics: the 10 most effective metrics for measuring performance and performance of sourcing tools will be seen. In addition, work will be done on the presentation and effective communication of the results.

Interviews: active listening, writing reports according to client (internal or external). Pathology identification.

The general idea of the course is that the student can leave with the necessary tools to work as a freelancer or as an in-house recruiter in a national or international company

What is included?

It includes digital material and printed and digitized certificates are delivered.




The workshops are designed for people who need specific help with searches, metrics, interviews or any subject. It is a custom instance and we adjust it according to the needs of the group.

Online courses coming soon!


deal with job you hate

You don’t love your job, no skirting around the truth. But while it’s easy to just say “quit,” we know that that’s not always a realistic option in the moment. We wish we could wave our wands and make your job better, but unfortunately we haven’t learned that magic (yet).

Setting up a business

The idea of ​​this article is to tell you why I think it is necessary to get out of the secrecy that we were taught to maintain in companies and replace it with practices that invite the sharing of knowledge. It is evident that changing this episteme is difficult, but it seems the indicated path towards the construction of critical thinking as a community. I think so, and that’s what we try to do at Schmitman HR.

We are going through a moment where the adaptability we were talking about is putting to the test. The opposite of “being weak” is no longer “being strong”, but having the ability to adapt and change effectively. Being able to adapt to new scenarios abruptly and suddenly means, collectively, thinking about new ways of living in the community and other methods of sustaining the economy, and even an opportunity to think about work in a decentralized way.

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