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Welcome to Schmitman HR

Schmitman HR is a boutique Human Resources services company that has been in the market since 2008.
We have had great success creating a global network of an intelligent and highly skilled workforce that can help you achieve your critical projects and goals.
Keeping pace with new projects and being attentive to talented people emerging from the marketplace has become increasingly challenging, and that is where Schmitman HR comes in to attract the right talent for your company.

Our Mission

Our goal is to advise, guide and partner with our clients for a strategic development of their businesses through an efficient articulation between passion, health, and work.

Our Values

Our company is built on 4 pillars: ethics, honesty, commitment and responsibility. These reinforce unity and coherence and guarantee our strategy for rapid growth.

Our Vision

Through an interdisciplinary team of talent management specialists, contribute to improving recruitment and human resources practices.

Dream Team

We are the one who helps you combine passion and work

Juana Cervio

Tech Recruiter

Fan of League of Legends. Loves literature, green tea, veggie sushi and pasta. Anthropology (UBA).

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Paola Bustos García

Tech Recruiter

I've studied Psychology and I love working at HR. I love art. Good books and music are my true two passions.

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Karen Vega

Tech recruiter

Tourism Technician, dancer and acrobat. Art lover, fan of Disney, Harry Potter and Friends.

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Mara Schmitman


I have been an IT Recruiter for +10 years, finding the ideal job for the ideal candidate is an art that contribute to a better life. For the past 5…

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Rebeca Salinas

Technical Recruiter

Remember if you can't say something nice, make it funny. Psychologist, that loves to cook. Someday I want to have a farm.

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Elias Bayon

Business Office Manager

Student, few-notes musician, curious and changeful. Great dancer of diverse rhythms. Son and brother. River Plate fan Bachelors of Business, University of Business and Social Sciences

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Facundo Reynoso

Lead Technical Recruiter

Bass player. Freedom guardian. Nomad.   Bachelor in Labor Relations, University ofBuenos Aires

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Agni Bermudez

Technical Recruiter

Creative, energetic, workaholic, mom of two dog's (Bruce & Brownie) and sushi lover. Disney fan. Senior technician in human resources, University Institute of Management and Technology

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Facundo Sepúlveda

Technical Recruiter

I'm the official Schmitman Hr's chef. Food Lover. Problem solver. Human Resources Management, El Salvador University

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Laura Schmitman

Technical Recruiter

The Lawyer of the team. In charge of the Chaco office. Love to talk. Law graduate, Argentinean Northeastern National University

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I'm the one in charge of bringing joy to the office! Wof! Wof! Woooof!

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En Genium encontramos una gran alianza al trabajar bajo un RPO con Schmitman HR.
Esta modalidad nos permitió de forma flexible darnos un servicio personalizado que se adapto perfectamente a nuestras necesidades. Brindandonos una persona responsable de nuestros procesos, a quien podemos recurrir 24/7, con un tiempo de respuesta impecable y total transparencia a la hora de llevar a cabo los procesos.
Su conocimiento del mercado y contacto con la industria es un diferencial que aporta muchisimo valor. Éste nos ha permitido llevar los procesos de búsqueda a un nivel superior, en donde no únicamente se evaluan posibles candidatos si no las formas de mejorar la oferta hacia ellos y que puntos mejorar en ella para buscar asi una mayor aceptación.
Y finalmente, imposible dejar mencionar el excelente trato y la confianza que tanto Mara como cada uno de los que forman parte de Schmitman HR te transmiten al hacerte sentir que ponen mucho de ellos en lo que les gusta y en llevar eso a resultados satisfactorios para cada una de las partes que forman parte de los procesos.

No one understands the IT market better than Schmitman HR. They have been a key partner in our recruiting efforts for the last six months, providing not only a steady and qualified candidate pool, but also advising us on matters such as process improvement and employer branding.

I worked with Mara Schmitman on different occasions to source technical candidates for my team. It’s always a hard task to find good technical resources, nevertheless, I’m really satisfied with the people Schmitman Hr’s team connected us with.

Schmitman HR’s recruiting team is super friendly and easy to interact with. They are always requesting feedback, following up on the open items so that nothing slips by and keeping a positive attitude throughout the entire process.

I would definitely recommend Mara and her team on a long-term partnership!

The recruitment service of Schmitman HR was the definitive solution for the turnover problem we had been facing. They are fast, warm and efficient. Today we entrust all our searches and we rely heavily on them to accompany us and advise on the processes and decision making in regard to staff.

Natalia Bilinkis
Manager @ Lexinton

Schmitman HR' team is an excellent group of professionals. They are always committed to our requisitions, respond quickly, and are always willing to collaborate. I recommend them 100%

Victoria Alvarez Velazco
HR Manager @ Wobiz

Having Schmitman HR was a very positive experience for our search of technical profiles, it is not always easy to find the right profile and the dynamic market environment requires quick decisions.

Not only we were able to solve our staff search, but the results obtained with the selected profiles are more than satisfactory, they have really understood our needs and resolved them.


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