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deal with job you hate

You don’t love your job, no skirting around the truth. But while it’s easy to just say “quit,” we know that that’s not always a realistic option in the moment. We wish we could wave our wands

Setting up a business

The idea of ​​this article is to tell you why I think it is necessary to get out of the secrecy that we were taught to maintain in companies and replace it with practices that invite the sharing of knowledge. It is evident that changing this episteme is difficult, but it seems the indicated path towards the construction of critical thinking as a community. I think so, and that’s what we try to do at Schmitman HR.

We are going through a moment where the adaptability we were talking about is putting to the test. The opposite of “being weak” is no longer “being strong”, but having the ability to adapt and change effectively. Being able to adapt to new scenarios abruptly and suddenly means, collectively, thinking about new ways of living in the community and other methods of sustaining the economy, and even an opportunity to think about work in a decentralized way.